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Living Christmas Trees

Bring all the benefits of a cut Christmas tree into your home...without the mess and waste. Imagine the smell of a fresh tree all season long, and afterwards plant it in your yard. Make a sustainable investment this Christmas.

Gift Cards Make Great Gifts

Let us send a Belmont Nursery Gift Card to that special someone for you. You buy it, and we’ll send it. Easy!

Wreath Making Workshops

Our favorite Christmas tradition. Create a unique wreath for the holiday season. Learn the basics of evergreen wreaths and how to adorn them with accents and individual touches then take it home at the end of the class to enjoy this Christmas.

Cyclamen on sale!

20% off through November, these colorful flowers sprout new growth from the center and love the winter sun in the mornings but do prefer shade the rest of the afternoon.

Since 1943

Your Go-To Place for Plants

Quality plants are the result of years of experience in propagating and nurturing some of the best plant varieties available. We nurture, propagate, and graft to produce healthy plants that will thrive in our community.

We are the experts to the experts! Belmont Nursery offers education opportunities to our talented team of Certified Arborists, California Certified Nursery Professionals, Landscape Architects and others passionate about their field of expertise.