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Who We Are

Since 1942 Belmont Nursery of Fresno has been the “Go-To place” for Central and Northern California’s landscape professionals and retail garden centers to go for advice and quality plant material.  We invite you, the homeowner, to come in and “pick our brain” about your next project when you visit our on-site 10 acre retail garden center.

  • EXPLORE. We offer the largest selection of plants in the Central Valley, California; including our ten on-site greenhouses where our garden d├ęcor, holiday and seasonal, tropical, house and edible plants are housed.
  • ASK THE EXPERTS. We invite you to pick our brain with your plant and landscaping questions! Our team of experts includes several Certified California Nursery Professionals (CCN Pro) which passed the state's most recognized nursery education program designed to educate retail nursery staff in three key areas - general knowledge, plant identification and landscape design. Our team is passionate about learning as few of them have continued there education to become Advanced CCN Pro's.
  • HOMEGROWN. At Belmont Nursery, we propagate a vast majority of the trees, shrubs, and perennials that we sell, ensuring that our plants are acclimated to grow in your yard. That means a higher success rate for the plants in your landscape!
  • SPECIALTY PLANTS. We specialize in growing added value plants, such as Pistacia chinensis 'Keith Davey', a seedless variety of Chinese Pistache that has outstanding fall color. We also bring to you unique specimens that can be hard to find desert plants, evergreens, and the coolest varieties of Japanese maples!

Feel good about visiting the same nursery where the professionals go for expert advice and quality plants.  Belmont Nursery the “Go-To Place for Plants!”