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Help Your Plants Beat The Heat

As the temperatures rise and the days grow longer, it's time to prepare your garden for the summer heat. With a few proactive steps, you can ensure that your plants remain healthy and vibrant throughout the hottest months of the year. Here are some essential tips to help your garden thrive in the summer heat.

Soil is Satisfying

Gardening isn't just a hobby; it's a valuable learning experience that can enrich your child's life in countless ways. From nurturing plants to witnessing the wonders of nature firsthand, gardening offers a host of benefits that extend far beyond the boundaries of the backyard. In this blog, we'll explore the myriad ways in which gardening can positively impact your child's physical, mental, and emotional development.

When Life Gives You Lemons...

What a DAY!!

We want to give a big Thank You to all of you who attended The Big Squeeze this last Saturday! I think it was a big hit…everyone had great questions and Pam Plemmons had yet another terrific seminar for the group. She is always a crowd favorite, giving so many tips and details in a fun and engaging presentation…we sure appreciate her visit!

I Can See Clearly Now...
I Can See Clearly Now...

...the rain is gone!

Easter is a celebration of new life, and Mother Nature provides her own beautiful signs of the same. So many things awaken from winter hibernation and stretch towards the welcome warmth of the sun. Leaves emerge on trees once bare, bulbs pop up with colorful surprises, and of course the chorus of color from all the blooms…like a choir singing praises.

Autumn Memories

To many in the Central Valley, November is the REAL beginning of Fall. October’s warm days keep us from breaking out the long sleeves and jackets, but the cooler days and sweater weather that come in November are the perfect time to dust off our crock-pots and soup recipes.  It is also a time full of childhood memories of family dinners and visiting relatives. My grandparents lived a few miles away and the whole family would descend like a tornado to re-acquaint, reminisce and share our years experiences and accomplishments. It was a time to be thankful for one another, our health and the great food that was served.